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Flowers, trees and lawns make the outside of any home look beautiful. If you choose your plants and other outdoor accents wisely, you can turn a humdrum yard into a lush oasis where you can relax and let go of the stresses of the day. Of course, once the greenery is planted, you need to maintain and care for it if you are going to keep your yard looking nice.
Taking the time to plant a vegetable garden also has its advantages. During the growing season, you get to enjoy the produce at its freshest. Nothing tastes better. Always choose the appropriate tools for the job. This article focuses on five groups of garden tools to help keep your oasis your personal Garden of Eden: gardening tools, gardening organizers, lawn mowers, planters and starter plants.
Top 30 Gardening Tools
1. Ergonomic gardening tool set.
If you're going to spend any length of time cultivating the soil and pulling weeds, having a tool set that is ergonomically designed will save you from hand and wrist problems. The design should also create a comfortable grip. But one here.
2. Ergonomic hand weeder.
Some weeds are a bear to pull out of the ground. An ergonomic hand weeder is designed to allow you to use the ground as leverage in pulling out those pesky weeds. Buy one here.
3. Washable light gardening gloves.
Gloves for protecting your hands from weeds and thorns are extremely important, but leather gloves get dirt caked on and don't clean well. Cloth gloves are easier to clean, but often don't provide the protection desired. These gloves are made with Kevlar, so they are protective, durable and washable. Buy them here.
4. Pruning shears.
All trees and bushes require a minimum amount of pruning. Having a sharp pair of pruning shears will make the job simple. Buy some here.
Worried about cleaning your gardening tools? Try this trick:
1) Fill a pot with dry sand and spray on some WD-40.
2) Place your dirty tools inside like this:
3) Leave your tools in during the winter season, and they will be clean by the time spring rolls around! Sounds cool, right? Get the ingredients for cleaning here:
- WD-40 (get here)
- Dry sand (get here)
- Pot (get here)
5. Hand rake.
Hand rakes are great for turning up the soil between plants in small flower beds. They are also handy for raking up small weeds before they get the chance to put down large root systems. Buy one here.
6. Transplanting Spade.
If you want to move small trees or other plants, this spade is designed to make the job simple. The circular handle is easy to grip and should help cut down on blisters. Buy one here.
7. Veggie basket.
Having a vegetable garden means being able to eat fresh vegetables during the growing season. The veggie basket has a mesh bottom so that dirt shakes off easily and won't be carried into the house. You can also carry in a large amount of produce all at once. Buy one here.
8. Fruit Picker
The fruit picker has a basket on the end of a telescoping pole to reach the fruit on high branches. Say goodbye to balancing on top of a ladder in your orchard or climbing trees with baskets. Buy one here.
9. Hose extension wand.
The hose extension wand has a trigger for watering and a long arm so that you can accurately distribute water at the base of your plants. Buy one here.
10. Shears.
Bushes, hedges and grasses need to be trimmed to maintain their shape, and shears are the tool for the job. Make sure you keep them sharp, or you will have to apply extra force to accomplish the same task. Buy them here.
11. Arm protectors.
When working with plants, arm protectors are a must. Thorns, insects and poisonous plants can make gardening miserable. Even tomato plants can make you itch as you harvest the fruit. Taking the time to cover up will save you a lot of discomforts later. Buy them here.
12. Gardening scissors.
If you love fresh cut flowers in your house, gardening scissors will come in super handy. They are ideal for cutting flowers to the perfect length to go in a vase. Buy them here.
13. Japanese gardening knife, or "hori-hori."
The hori-hori is a multipurpose tool. Its serrated edge is perfect for cutting through roots and vines. The curved blade means you can use it as a spade, and the measuring increments on it make it perfect for digging holes for planting bulbs. Buy one here.
14. Long-handled pruner.
To keep trees under control, you need a long-handled pruner. This tool allows you to easily cut higher branches. Buy one here.
15. Round-point shovel.
The round-point shovel is great for digging holes for trees or larger plants. Buy one here.
16. Gardening bow rake.
If the area that needs to be raked in the garden is too large for a hand rake, the gardening bow rake is what you want. It turns over soil, keeping the dirt aerated, and can pull up small weeds. Buy one here.
17. Digging fork.
Turning over and initially aerating a garden bed can be done with a digging fork. Simply push the fork into the ground, twist and pull. The fork kind of acts like a whisk. Buy one here.
18. Heavy-duty leather gloves.
For jobs where cloth gloves won't give the protection needed, leather gloves are the better option. The leather is fairly puncture proof and hardy. Buy them here.
19. Gardening trimmer.
The larger the branch is that you want to trim off the tree, the more rugged the tool must be. A branch trimmer is really a hand saw, or pruning saw, for trees. The blade makes quick work of larger branches and can be attached to a pole for higher branches. Buy one here.
20. Adjustable leaf rake.
When the leaves fall each year, cleaning the mess can be a chore. But with a leaf rake, the job becomes more manageable. Buy one here.
21. Knee-saver.
Kneeling on hard surfaces is painful. The knee-saver is a cushioned pad that spares your knees discomfort. Buy one here.
22. Compact hose.
Keeping your hose out of the way when it's not in use means your yard will stay tidy and you won't have a tripping hazard. The compact hose's coil design allows it to be compressed into a tight coil for easy storage. Buy it here in different colors.
23. Gardening apron.
The gardening apron not only keeps your clothes clean, but it has handy pockets for your most commonly used gardening tools. It will save you time because you won't be looking around for tools. Buy one here.
24. Stand-up weeder.
Constantly bending over to pull weeds gives people a sore back, and that can lead to grumpiness. A stand-up weeder allows you to pull weeds and their roots while standing up. Buy it here.
25. Gardening hat.
Everyone knows that too much sun can cause skin cancer. A wide-brimmed hat protects your face and neck from the sun. Buy it here.
26. Bulb planter.
Most bulbs have beautiful flowers that bloom in the spring. Digging individual holes takes a lot of time. A bulb planter creates a hole for the bulb. Just plunge the point into the ground and twist to save you a lot of time. Buy it here.
27. Gardening shoes.
Working in a garden that's just been watered means you end up with muddy shoes. Gardening shoes are rubber and can be easily washed off. Buy them here.
28. Mosquito and insect repellent wristbands.
No one likes to be insects' personal blood bank. Insect repellent keeps the pests away. Wristbands with an all-natural repellent are a bonus. Buy them here.
29. Gardening Velcro.
Training your plants to grow in the direction you want often means attaching them to stakes. Gardening Velcro is reusable and easy to apply. Buy them here.
30. Gardening net.
Vining plants often require wire cages. Gardening net is an alternative to wire. It's flexible but durable. Buy it here.
Top 6 Gardening Tool Organizers
1. Pegboard organizer.
Having collected all the appropriate tools, you need a way to organize them so you can locate them when needed. A pegboard can be hung on any open wall, and you can easily see what you have. Buy it here.
2. Tool tower rack.
For larger items that can't fit on a pegboard, a tool rack is ideal. It can be placed in a shed or garage or along a house wall under an overhang. Buy it here.
3. Bucket organizer.
When you're working in the yard, having a tool caddy keeps you from setting items down and losing them. A bucket organizer has plenty of space, and the handle makes it easy to carry. Buy it here.
4. Gardening set with folding stool, tool bag and stainless-steel tools.
If you have a large area you work in, having a tool caddy with a built-in stool means you can sit down on the job. Place your tools in the pockets on the stool. This one even comes with basic tools to get you started. Buy it here.
5. Wall tool holder.
If you don't have the floor space for a tool tower rack, a wall tool holder may be your answer. It can be attached to a wall, and your larger tools can be hung from it. Buy it here.
6. Wheelbarrow organizer.
Wheelbarrows are great for carting heavy, bulky items around a yard. The wheelbarrow organizer helps you keep everything neatly organized in the wheelbarrow, maximizing space. Buy it here.
Top 4 Lawn Mowers
1. Craftsman 37430.
Finding the right lawn mower for your yard may take a little bit of research; but if you have a lawn, you need a mower. This is a traditional gas-powered mower. It has a 21-inch cutting width. Buy it here.
2. Sun Joe iON16LM 40 V.
For those who don't want to use gas but a corded lawn mower is awkward, the Sun Joe is battery powered. It's ideal for mowing small to midsize lawns. Buy it here.
3. Green Works 25142.
The Green Works is a corded electric mower. It has a 16-inch five-position deck. Buy it here.
4. Ego Power.
Using some of the newest technology, the Ego Power uses a lithium-ion battery. It holds its charge for 45 minutes and can be "quick charged" in 30 minutes. This mower can also be folded up for compact storage. Buy it here.
Top 5 Planters
1. Seven-pocket hanging vertical garden.
If you haven't got lots of space but still want a garden, the seven-pocket hanging garden puts your walls to good use. The pockets hold dirt in which you grow plants. Buy it here.
2. Elevated garden planter.
This box is perfect if bending over is hard on your back. The height eases the strain and keeps pesky critters from being able to easily access the fruits of your labor. Buy it here.
3. Outdoor/indoor wave iron planter.
If all you have is a patio or a little space indoors, an iron planter may be the answer to your gardening woes. The two tiers allow for more plants, and the decorative design is appropriate for indoors or a patio. Buy it here.
4. Cascading garden planter.
Also excellent for limited space, the cascading garden planter uses your vertical garden space, and the planter box is appealing to the eye. Buy it here.
5. Raised bed planter.
For those with plenty of space, traditional raised bed planters keep the cultivated areas in one space. The dirt remains soft and easy to plant and weed. Buy it here.
Top 5 Veggie Seeds for Beginner Gardeners
1. Cucumber.
Cucumbers are fairly easy to grow. Once they sprout, they produce prolifically. Form a raised mound with a ditch around it and make three holes in the top. Place three seeds in each hole. Gently wet the top of the mound and water through the ditch from then on. Buy cucumber seeds here.
2. Carrot.
Carrots are another simple vegetable to grow. Scratch a shallow trench in the ground about 1/4 inch deep and sprinkle the seeds in. Gently cover them with dirt and keep the dirt moist. Once the plants start to sprout, thin the plant so they have room to grow. Buy carrot seeds here.
3. Summer squash.
Summer squash is another prolific plant that's easy to grow. Follow the same process as for the cucumbers. Give plenty of space between mounds for the plants to grow and spread out. You need only two to three plants to be overwhelmed with squash. Buy squash seeds here.
4. Tomato.
Tomato seeds are best started indoors in small containers. Keep them well watered and in a warm area. Once they are well-established, transfer them to your garden. Buy tomato seeds here.
5. Lettuce.
Lettuce is planted like the carrots: Scratch a shallow trench in the ground and sprinkle in the seeds. Thin the plants once they start to sprout. Buy lettuce seeds here.
With the proper tools and a little bit of know-how, even a novice can have a thriving garden. You can't put a price tag on the pleasure you receive from working the ground and enjoying the fruits of your labor.
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