13 free garden design plans

Whether you've just moved into a new home or you just want to update the landscaping on the property where you've lived for years, predesigned garden plans are a simple way to get the look you want without the muss and fuss of research. Great plans include good flower combinations, sizes, and ideal planting areas.
The beautiful garden design plans in this article are all free! Check out one of the 13 tutorials for the stunning designs for your next garden project and save yourself hours of planning and research:
1. Curb Appeal
One of the most neglected areas of the yard is the front grass closest to the road. Use this area to create a beautiful garden that'll make your home look even more inviting! Choose an array of bright colors like purple, yellow, and greens for a big wow factor. Get the free plan from Better Homes and Garden.
2. Water Garden
This sweet garden is perfect for smaller yards and even apartments.This stunning garden fits perfectly on a balcony, deck or patio. Combine a few of these water garden in matching (or perfectly mismatched) planters for a beautiful water feature. Get the free garden plan from Country Living.
3. Kid-Friendly Vegetable Patch
Strike gold with this garden that's equal parts beautiful, functional and fun for the whole family. A mixture of tomato, pumpkin, cucumber, carrots and peas, you can practically eliminate your grocery budget, and the little ones will enjoy helping out while they watch the fruits (or veggies) of their labor grow. Get the free detailed plan from Gardener's Supply Company.
4. Bigger is Better
If you're ready to tackle a full-scale landscaping/gardening project, this stunning design will keep you busy for a while. Designed to resemble a wagon with wheels, the stunning gardens surround the entire house, providing a literal oasis of flowers and shrubbery. The plans can be adapted to various climates. Check out the free outline from Design Gardens.
5. Pet proof planting
If you have a dog (or a feisty cat) having a pretty backyard garden can be a bit of a challenge. This adorable planter garden puts the flowers out the reach of pets. The height also provides another cool design element to the yard decor. Check out this plan from Morning Chores.
6. Butterfly Garden
If you love watching the colorful wings of a butterfly flutter by, this garden may be the perfect plan for your backyard. Stuffed full of stunning flowers, butterflies (and maybe a few hummingbirds) will flock to this gorgeous display. Check out a few different plans that work best in varying soil types with this the free design from Garden Center Ohio.

7. Fence-hiding plans
If your goal is to block the unsightly view of a chain link fence, the right garden plan can do the job for you. Instead of starting at your neighbor's backyard, you'll have an eyeful of colorful flowers to enjoy instead. Lowe's provides a few different plans based on the region where you live.
8. Low-maintenance Garden
If you live in a dry climate, you can still grow beautiful plants and flowers to spruce up the yard. This plan from Better Homes and Garden features drought-tolerant plants. A mixture of ornamental grasses and perennials make this an eye-catching option year round.
9. Rose Garden
If you have a little space in the backyard, you can create a truly stunning display of your favorite flower with this free plan from Country Living. Your gorgeous roses will be on full display surrounded by simple hedges and complimentary flowers. Try mixing rose colors for a unique twist on this plan.
10. Salsa Garden
Have the right ingredients for creating your famous salsa at the ready with this fun container garden. You'll plant tomatoes, peppers, hot peppers, basil, scallions, cilantro and parsley in a creative space. It's pretty to look at and great for sourcing natural ingredients. Get the free plan here.
11. Spiral Herb
Whether you have a small yard or you just want a really cool way to grow some herbs, this spiral garden is the perfect solution. This space-saving design is not only functional, but it's a great design for adding personality to your yard. If herbs aren't your thing, this design works great with flowers too.
12. Front-yard Beauty
This stunning garden will make coming home even sweeter. With a beautiful array of different flower colors and styles, this design packs quite the curb-appeal punch. Plant this beauty near your fence to pack an extra punch. The varying plant and flower heights give this garden perfect balance.
13. Garage Garden
Take advantage of the space around your garage to add a little more eye-candy. A combination of plants, flowers, and a little stonework turn this bland space into a beautiful place to enjoy a little more of Mother Nature.Using decorative stones can add an extra element of design while maintaining functionality in the yard area.
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