Gardener sticks toilet paper roll into potted plant & shows off 7 brilliant tips

Who doesn't prefer the taste of homegrown vegetables compared to the ones you can buy at the supermarket? There is just something about the time and love that goes into growing a vegetable garden that makes them taste that much more delicious. Not to mention, gardening is just downright fun!
If you've ever wanted to grow your own garden but didn't know where to start (or if you are on a tight budget), start by following these seven crafty tips. They will not only help you grow tasty vegetables and herbs but also fragrant flowers or adorable succulents. The best part is, everything that is needed can be found right in your own home and will only take you minutes to make.
1. DIY watering jug
First things first, you can't grow anything without plenty of water! Keep your plant babies nice and hydrated with this DIY watering jug. Dig through your recycling bin to find any medium to large size jug (milk or orange juice would do the trick) and simply drill holes into the cap for maximum pouring capabilities.
2. Soak seeds
For quicker germination once your seeds are in the ground, it is suggested that you soak them prior to planting. Just like you would soak your beans before cooking, all you need to do is let your seeds sit in a shallow bowl of warm water. Instead of a bowl, you will just grab a mason jar out of the kitchen cabinet, pour in your seeds, and let soak for 8-12 hours.
Pro tip: purchase or make a sprouting lid to turn your seeds into edible sprouts for salads and other dishes.
3. Protect seedlings
Next, you'll want to protect your seedlings. For this step, you'll want to start saving your empty toilet paper rolls. Once you have the rolls, grab a pair of scissors and cut three slits into one side. Fold over the flaps you created and fill the roll with soil. Place your seeds or succulents into the cups you created and put them in their respective planters. Top any extra cardboard sticking out with some more soil.
4. Prevent dry roots
Keeping your plants hydrated is crucial but good thing protecting your plants from dry roots is super simple. Grab some baking cups from your kitchen and just line your planters with them before pouring in your soil. It's small preventative measures like this that really help your garden thrive!
5. DIY water reservoir
Another great way to make sure your plants aren't thirsty is this DIY water reservoir. To make it, you'll need any plastic soda or water bottle. Remove the cap and repeat the drilling process from step 1. Take a knife and cut off the bottom of the bottle and place the cap back on. Place the bottle into the soil, cap side down, and fill with water.
6. Recycled plant labels
With this handy trick, you'll never forget which seeds you planted or the names of your lovely succulents. To create recycled plant labels, grab a plastic container previously used for something like yogurt or sour cream. Cut multiple slits about an inch wide and a few inches long around the perimeter of the container. Cut off the tabs from the bottom of the container and write the names of your plants on them with a permanent marker.
7. Protect against frost
Last but not least, if it is getting a little bit nippy outside, don't forget to cover your plants! To protect your plants from frost all you have to do is grab some small, terracotta planters and place over your sprouts until it warms up again.
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