Don't worry: Here are 6 expert tips for keeping your strawberries fresh

I love strawberries! They are easily my most favorite fruit. You can put them in pies and cakes or eat them with a little sugar or some whipped cream. Unfortunately, this tasty fruit is a bit on the pricey side, so when I go to grab a berry and it's already moldy, it's frustrating!
If you love strawberries and hate blowing cash on fruit that seems to go bad over night, check out a few of these ideas for keeping your strawberries fresh longer.
1. Serving size matters
Mass-prepping your berries is a bad move unless you plan on eating them immediately. To help the berries last longer, keep the stems on until you're ready to eat the fruit. You should also only wash the fruit when you plan to eat it.
2. Change the storage containers
Moisture will ruin berries fast. Instead of storing them in the container they came in, choose a container with a wide lid. You can also store them on a pan covered with a paper towel. Airtight containers for whole berries can actually make them go bad faster because the lid traps moisture inside.
3. Remove bad berries
There's truth to the old adage that "one bad apple will spoil the bunch." One gross berry can ruin your entire batch. Remove any berries that are getting a little too ripe to help your other berries last longer.
4. If you cut them, store them in an airtight container
Once you cut the stems off of your strawberries, you will need to store them in an airtight container to prevent exposure to mold and bacteria, according to HGTV.
5. Freeze them
A simple way to save your berries before they go bad is to freeze them. After a gentle wash, you can freeze whole berries and store them for months at a time.
6. Soak berries in vinegar
Soak your berries in a mixture of 1 cup vinegar and 8 cups water. After removing dirt and spores, dry the fruit as best as possible and let them finish drying in a wide bowl lined with paper towels.
Don't let your berries go to waste! Try one of these ideas to make sure you can enjoy all of your fruit. Help your friends keep their berries safe too, and share these ideas with them on Facebook.

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