Want a little wildlife in your yard? Here are 5 plants that attract deer

Most people work really hard to keep visitors like deer out of their lawns and gardens. They don't want them munching on their veggies and flowering plants, causing havoc on their beautiful landscaping. So they plant deer resistant shrubs and sprinkle all sorts of deterrents around the perimeter hoping to keep them away.
But then, there's the small percentage of people, who encourage the deer to visit. They love watching them come into their yards and often put plants in specifically for the deer to feed on. If you're looking to bring wildlife into your yard be sure to add these 5 plants to your landscape.
1. Petunias
Amazingly easy to grow, and fairly inexpensive to buy, it's no wonder that petunias constantly rank as one of the most common flowering annuals planted in landscapes and gardens. There are hundreds of different varieties coming in every shade of color imaginable, and they grow and flower all season long. The Spruce will help you choose the right variety for your yard. And with such a low price tag they're pretty cheap to replace if the deer graze a little too heavy in your flowerbed.
2. Sunflowers
Known for their cheery, large heads of yellow color, sunflowers will draw the attention of wildlife as quickly as humans. Deer love to nibble at the leaves and petals on the flowers, and will even munch on the seeds if given a chance. Plant sunflowers along the edge of your yard or fence to give the deer a little privacy and distance while they dine.
3. Wild rose
This tough plant will grow in just about any soil condition and can withstand a variety of temperatures and growing conditions. Deer love the beautiful blooms on wild roses and rose hips will persist through the winter, providing food when the landscape is otherwise fairly barren. When planting them in your yard give them plenty of room to grow; overcrowding will encourage disease.
4. Hydrangea
A stunning flower in any garden, hydrangeas are well loved by both homeowners and wildlife! Hydrangeas are easy to cultivate and grow in a range of conditions making them a great choice for landscapes. With blooms lasting into the fall, it also means they add color to a landscape -- and food for wildlife -- when most other plants have finished blooming for the season. Hydrangeas do require a little extra attention in terms of soil pH; The Micro Gardener gives great tips on how to grow them.
5. Blackberries
One of the most favorite plants for deer, blackberries will draw them into a yard more quickly than almost any other plant can. Plant starts as early in the spring as possible to give them plenty of time to establish; they won't produce fruit the first season but you will be rewarded with a mid-summer harvest the 2nd year.

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